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Rayher Mega Filzer

With Rayher Mega Filzer (or Felter) become a mega felter! You can felt 10 times faster than in the traditional way!

Mega-Filzer is 100% natural and dermatologically tested, so it's good for you and the environment.

For all felt objects that you felt wet, you need the Mega Filzer. The many advantages speak for themselves:
  • Highly efficient (mixing ratio 1: 100 diluted with water, results in 5 l felting liquid)
  • 10 x faster felting of the wool
  • Already by gentle rubbing the work can be brought into shape
  • The finished work does not need extra washed out
  • Can be used with cold or warm water
  • Gentle on color
  • Highly yielding
  • 100% natural product, dermatologically tested - Maintains hands with Panthenol
  • Even knitting felts in the washing machine is very easy with the Mega Felting: - 40 ° C economy or short program - To Give a little detergent about 10 drops of Mega Felt - Put the object to be felted into the washing machine with 3-4 towels
Try it, you'll be amazed!

Made in Germany
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