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Have you tried rolling your own candles yet? It's fun, easy, and smells so good.

Each Honeycomb or Smooth Beeswax Sheet is approximately 8-inches square and will make 1-8 inch taper candle with a burn time of 4-5 hours when using 2-0 square braid wick.

They come as a set of 2 of each colour.

Coloured sheets contain only non-toxic dyes and are vibrant and rich. As this is a natural product, beeswax sometimes has  "bloom" on it but that will instantly go away as soon as the wax is warmed. Give it a quick wave with a hair dryer or some heat source and you'll see it quickly disappear.

Need wick to roll your candles? Go HERE.

Beeswax is 100% Canadian, from Canadian bees. And while not exactly organic it is very clean beeswax. And smells soooo good. Did I mention that?

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