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Maplerose EARLY GRADES Homeschooling Supply Bundle


The Maplerose EARLY GRADES Homeschooling Supply Bundle is a great place to gather all your supplies for homeschooling from grades 2-4.

Your child’s natural development is always considered when we put together bundles like this and Waldorf-inpired education helps inform what we put together, too. We promise that these supplies will create all kinds of opportunities for discovery, creativity and play. A learning bonanza!

The Early Grades Bundle includes:

  • 8 x Stockmar beeswax stick crayon set
  • 6 x modelling beeswax set
  • 1 x Waldorf drawing books
  • 1 x Waldorf small journal
  • 1 x graphite pencil
  • 1 x natural rubber eraser
  • 1 x pair of bamboo knitting needles
  • 1 x 50g Soedan wool yarn
  • 1 x wooden cut-out surprise animal

Focus on exploring so many colours with stick crayons that are so fun to colour and are great practice for holding pencils and writing.

Modelling wax is excellent for focus and concentration during storytime (and car trips) and smells so good.

A big and small book have many opportunites for colouring and drawing and can be used at home or at the beach. Colours of books in the bundles may not be the same colour as pictured here.

Practice making lines, shapes, letters and numbers with a big triangular pencil. Why triangular? So easy to hold! And a natural eraser for tidying things up.

Bamboo knitting needles and chunky wool yarn are for knitting those very first stitches.

These carefully chosen, Waldorf-inspired, arts and craft supplies have each been created with care, quality and sustainability in mind. Children are drawn to them.

Let the play begin! Because that’s the best way to learn, isn’t it?

Does your DL require you only to buy consumables with your homeschool allowance. Well this bundles is full of consumables!

Made in Germany & Holland, assembled in Nelson, BC

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