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Stockmar Modelling Beeswax Bar SEASONAL SETS


With its pleasant beeswax scent and perfectly clean handling, Stockmar Modelling Wax is an ideal material for modelling.

Compliment seasonal lessons and your nature table with these custom sets of seasonally-inspired colours:

spring - pink, orange, lemon, yellow green + red violet

summer - carmine, red violet, blue, green + lemon

autumn - rust, golden yellow, vermillion, beeswax + green

winter - ivory, black, turquoise, yellow green + carmine

Children in Waldorf kindergartens and within Waldorf curricullums are encouraged to play with the wax when sitting and listening to stories. They can start as early as 3.

It's great for the dexterity and an excellent exploration of the senses. It's great on long car trips for kids to play with on their own or for the non-driving parent in the front seat to take requests from the wee passengers and model up cute animals to make the miles go by a little quicker - see the photos below :)

The warmth of the hands melts the wax and makes it malleable and when the wax hardens, the luminosity and fine brilliance remain. The little works of art maintain their beauty and charm and can be reshaped again and again.

Seasons can be celebrated and nature tables decorated with the little sculptures put together with Stockmar modelling wax.

Each bar is 10cm x 4cm x 1/2 cm. Each sets has 5 bars

Made in Germany

The red bird and the red goose are each made from one bar of modelling wax.

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