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WizPik COMPANION Felting Needle Set


With a global colour coding system, Wizpik felting needles are the needle felting needles you can count on to be strong, consistent and accurate.

We have created some sets to help you expand your needle felting horizons and get to know some new needles.

Understanding what the different needles can do only broadens your needle felting knowledge and will allow you to tackle more intricate designs with confidence.

Companion needles

BROWN: 40 3x3x3

Use Brown for medium wools, such as Corriedale and Halfbred, and other fibres of similar diameter such as human hair and Hemp, and for fast, early-stage felting of fine wools such as Polworth and Merino, and other fibres of similar diameter such as Alpaca, Silk, and fine manmade fibres such as rayon, Soy silk, and Ingeo if they are being used for the bulk of the project or surface irregularity is not an issue. This needle is not recommended for attaching fine embellishing fibres.

Brown is for:

  • Forming depressions
  • Preparing wool prior to wet felting
  • Quickly adding rough surface textures.

ORANGE: 40 2x2x2

Use Orange as a finishing needle for all fibres, but particularly medium to fine wools.

Orange is for:

  • Forming denser surface skin while minimizing puncture marks
  • Attaching fine embellishing fibres
  • Secure fibres around wire or pipecleaners.

YELLOW: 40 2x2x2

Use Yellow for coarse or medium wool projects and as a finishing needle for coarse wools such as Romney, Leicester and Lincoln and fibres of similar diameter. Leaves less pronounced puncture marks than BROWN. Close barb spacing like ORANGE but works over a greater depth.

Yellow is for:

  • Attaching embellishment fibres and creating patterns on balls or eggs prior to wet felting
  • Firming medium wool

CREAM 40 2x2x2

Use Cream for early and firming stages of felting for fine wools or for fast deep action with easy penetration on medium wool. The Cream needle works particularly well for Merino when other needles seem to not grip the fibre. This needle tends to bend easily.

Cream is for:

  • Fine fibres like merino, camel or cashmir.
  • Catching fine fibres
  • Attaching hair-like fibres (mohair)

GOLD: 40 3x3x0

Use Gold for firming and finishing of fine wools such as Merino and Polworth, and fibres of similar diameter such as Angora, Alpaca, Silk, and manmade fibres such as Rayon, Soy silk and Ingeo.

Gold is for:

  • firming, sculpting and finishing 3-D projects
  • securing fibres wrapped around wire or pipe cleaners.

Needle made in Switzerland, sets assembled in Canada

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