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Wooden ROUND Weaving Loom


Wooden Round Weaving Looms are a wonderful way to introduce weaving to young children and older children, too. Shucks - adults would love it, too! Wouldn't you?

It is easy to master the in-and-out action of the guiding the needle through the warp. Vary the texture of the yarns from thin all the way to bulky roving to create  sculptural landscapes.

A simple, meditative craft. Great for young children but also for adults. This is a craft to grow with.

We've bundled up these looms with some beautiful fibres to get you inspired for your first project or tow. Check out the Maplerose Round Weaving Loom Kits HERE.

Creating interesting textures and colour combos with all the bits and bobs in your yarn stash lead to fun and beautiful results.


  • 1  22cm or 27cm round weaving loom
  • 1 weaving needle
  • Instructions

Recommeded for 4 and up.

Made in Germany
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