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WizPik DYNAMIC Felting Needle Set


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With a global colour coding system, Wizpik felting needles are the needle felting needles you can count on to be strong, consistent and accurate.

We have created some sets to help you expand your needle felting horizons and get to know some new needles.

Understanding what the different needles can do only broadens your needle felting knowledge and will allow you to tackle more intricate designs with confidence.

The Dynamic Set includes:

Green: 36 3x3x3 - Use Green for early stages of felting coarse (cross-bred) wools. Green can also be used with medium wools such as Corriedale and Halfbred where the presence of pronounced puncture marks is not an issue. Green has close barb spacing for fast action.

Green is for:

  • Quick securing of unfelted fibres
  • Quickly forming deep depressions
  • Rooting hair

Lime: 32 3x3x3 - Use Lime for cross-bred and coarse wools, such as Romney, Leicester or Lincoln, and fibres of similar or coarser diameter, such as Mohair, human hair and Hemp and Linen. Lime is a thick needle and should not be used with medium and finer fibres, (such as Merino or Alpaca)

Lime is for:

  • Securing fibres prior to wet felting
  • Defining design outlines prior to wet felting
  • Speedy initial felting during early stages of 3-D projects.
  • Once fibres begin to form felt this needle resists penetration and becomes harder to use, so change to needles such as Pink or Mauve to form felt farther or Brown to create indentations.

Needles made in Switzerland, sets assembled in Canada.

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