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Oh, I love wool! I hope you do, too, because this is where you will find a whole bunch of it.

Whether you love spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crocheting, doll-making or some combination there of, we have the fibres for you!

We work with the best companies we can find. No muelsing for the sheep that helped grow all this wool. And we're always on the hunt for local and artisinal goods - if you'd like to sell something you made on Maplerose please let me know!

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Maplerose Corriedale Wool Roving SUPER DUPER Set
Maplerose Corriedale Wool Roving SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC Set
Maplerose GET CRAFTY Super Bundle
Maplerose Merino Wool Roving SEASONAL Sets
Maplerose Merino Wool Roving SUPER DELUXE Set
Maplerose Round Loom Weaving FIBRE PACKS
Maplerose Wool + Silk Fibre Pack AUTUMN 03
Maplerose Wool + Silk Fibre Pack AUTUMN 04
Maplerose Wool + Silk Fibre Pack SPRING
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Maplerose Wool + Silk Fibre Pack SUMMER
Maplerose Wool + Silk Fibre Pack WINTER
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MERINO Wool Roving
MERINO Wool Roving
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Soedan SUPER CHUNKY 100% Wool Yarn
Soedan Super Chunky 100% Wool Yarn SETS
50 results
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