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Wooden PLAY & PAINTING Boards

Size: 30cm x 40cm

Wooden play and painting boards are a sturdy, long lasting board for painting and so much more. We use our painting boards for all kinds of things and just love 'em!

Each board is 1 cm thick and very sturdy. Made of layers of wood glued together, with rounded corners and an non-toxic finish, these wooden painting boards are perfect for home or school or your homeschool classroom.

Paint: Used in Waldorf classrooms, and at home, for wet-on-wet painting. Put a sheet of watercolour paper on the board and wet the paper with a sponge. Gently wipe away all excess water. Apply Stockmar watercolours or other water colour paints with wild abandon or careful gentle strokes. Artists as small as 3 years old enjoy this technique as it produces a dreamy effect as the colours dance together.

Play: Anywhere you don't have a table but could use a hard surface, this board comes to the rescue. Take it outside for drawing and painting in nature, play a boardgame on it, or use it as a picnic "table".

Made in Germany

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