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YETI Babies


It's winters and the YETIS are out to play in the mountains! They haven't learned to roar yet, so they're very quiet. They don't eat much but need hugs on an hourly basis.

Made of the most beautiful soft wool, and stuffed with 100% Canadian merino roving these fun little pals are handmade by one of the very talented artisans in the Maplerose community, Chelsea Seminoff. Each yeti is completely unique.

We love supporting cottage industries close by. Shop local. Feel the love. Play more.

Approximately 12cm - 15cm tall.

Hand knit wool yarn body stuffed with Canadian merino batting, with a 100% wool felt face (supplied by Maplerose.

Handmade in Mackenzie, BC.

We love supporting local artists. We hope you do, too❤️We ensure our prices offer a fair price to you and to our artists. A lot of work goes into designing and producing these one-of-a-kind toys and works of art. They are something to cherish and something to keep for a very long time. Something all your friends will say, "That's so cool! Where did you get it?!"

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