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Maplerose LET'S EXPLORE Japanese Silk Paper Kit


Each Maplerose LET'S EXPLORE KIT is all about exploring a material and using it in all sorts of ways.

Let your imagination go! Get inspired! It's MAGICAL!

It's 3 crafts in one kit!

With the Let's Explore Japanese Silk Paper Kit see how dyeing with this vibrant tissue paper effects glass, wood and fabric through 3 different crafts - make a lantern, a "tie-dye" fabric and a colourful egg.

Japanese silk paper, more commonly known as tissue paper, bleeds colour when wet. Be warned, the dye can stain clothes, tables and floors so be careful with it. It will wash out of fingers, but no guarantees on the other things.

Make "stained glass" designs on a jar to create a beautiful lantern. Create tie-dye effects on fabric without the tieing - sew the fabric together to make a pillow. Have a perfectly dyed egg in a matter or minutes.

Each craft is suitable for 3 and up, with more grown-up help needed for the younger ones.


  • Enough Japanese silk paper for all the projects, in assorted colours
  • 4 pieces of cotton fabric
  • Canadian felting batting for stuffing.
  • Embroidery thread + needle
  • Wire to make a lantern handle.
  • 1 wooden egg
  • Instructions

You will also need:

  • Glue
  • Paint brush
  • 1 jar - a 500ml regular mouth mason jar is recommended but anything smaller can be used, too.
  • Spray bottle - optional
  • Cardboard to work on and keep things clean.
Made in the Netherlands

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