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Maplerose SPRING Combo Beeswax Candle Kit


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The Maplerose Spring Combo Beeswax Candle Kit is a combination of smooth and honeycomb beeswax sheets to creat a variety of colourful candles. 

Easy enough for just about anybody, rolling beeswax candle is a fun craft for the whole family.

Have family far away? Many of our Maplerose families have created candle-rolling parties over Zoom together. So fun!

These are the perfect candles to light at dinner time or to adorn a seasonal nature table. They smell incredible.

PLEASE NOTE: When exposed to consistent freezing temps, beeswax sheets may become brittle and very difficult to roll, often cracking to bits. Maplerose cannot be held responsible for beeswax that becomes damaged when sent in cold temperatures.
I am located in southern BC and our winter temperatures are often not too wildly cold. When temps are hovering above zero day and night, it's still safe to send candle kits, especially within BC. If you're further away, it just depends if you want to take a chance.

Burntime is approximately 4-5 hours per candle.

Makes 6 or 12 eight-inch taper candles.

Beeswax is 100% Canadian, from the bees of BC.

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