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Lyra Colour Giant AUTUMN Pencil Crayon Set of 6


Lyra Colour Giant Autumn pencil crayons are colours inspired by crunchy leaves on cool mornings, woolen socks and harvesting the garden .

Colours included in the set are a variety of warm and golden, cozy autumnal hues like warm reds, oranges, yellows, greens and browns.

The laquered finish is vibrant and soft to the touch. the unlaquered is soft, too, but in a less "shiny" way.

Made with wood from forests managed in an appropriate and sustainable manner, these are pencil crayons with a conscience. They are eco-friendly art supplies that will last!

Popular in Waldorf schools, and classrooms around the world, for their size and quality.

Set of 6.

This set was created by Maplerose in Nelson, BC and will be wrapped in paper.
Pencil crayons made in Germany

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