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Debresk Wooden Toy TOW TRUCK &MINI CAR


The Debresk Tow Truck and Mini Car is coming to the rescue.

The tow truck is extra sturdy with a working winch that raises and lowers it's cargo with ease thanks to a little wooden ball. The "broken down" car is has a hook that easily attached to the trucks winch.

A delight to hold and play with, it is an ideal first wooden toy. We actually got this for our boy when he was still a tiny baby over 6 years ago.

We were excited new parents and didn't blink an eye at paying a little more for this heirloom toy. Maybe it was more for us than him at the time. What we didn't realize was that it would become a favourite and he is still playing with it today.

The tow truck is made just right size for toddler hands and the soft finish and rounded corners feel good to the touch. They will last for many years and can grow with your childs imagination.

It is made of pine and beechwood and finished smoothly with a natural oil to protect the wood.

Debresk is known for making high-quality, sustainable and safe toys that encourage exploration and imagination through open-ended play,

Made in Sweden

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