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Wooden Jar Holders & Jars


Perfect for artists and students alike this beautiful handmade wooden jar holder helps create a painting experience that may be a little neater and a little tidier.

Loved in Waldorf classrooms, for homeschoolers and artists of all ages, these holders (and jars) will keep your paint for days. No waste!

Choose a holder complete with three glass jars with tight fitting lids, or use your own and ensure days of wet-on-wet, watercolour painting fun.

The wood is treated with a non-toxic, beeswax finish that smells good and keeps the wood safe from water.

To complete your wet-on-wet painting set we also have:

  • Wooden or biodegradable plastic painting board
  • Stockmar water colour paint
  • Wide watercolour paint brush
  • Vicose or natural sponge
  • Watercolour paper

Just add a few drops of Stockmar watercolour paint to a jar of water, depending how strong your would like the colour, mix, and be amazed by the beautiful, vibrant colours. Soak water colour paper for a few minutes then place on painting board and sponge off the excess water and you're ready to go!

Made in Germany

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