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Maplerose HEART Felting Kit


Celebrate the seasons with crafts! Make a personalized heart for Valentine's Day, add a string for a Christmas ornament or just a make sweet gift for birthdays or just because.

Maplerose's HEART felting kit is a wonderful introduction to needle felting and wet felting. It is great for beginners, children and grandmas and grandpas and everyone in between.

Each kit includes a handmade, pre-formed heart (of Candian batting) and enough Corriedale roving to play, personalize and experiment with designs (or a particular name perhaps❤️) will make your felted heart unique and beautiful.

Each heart should take around an hour to complete depending how fancy you get with your designs. There is also the option to wet felt the heart after the designs are felted on, or to forgoe the needle felting altogether and apply the roving and just wet felt. Not to worry, it's all in the instructions.

Adult supervision is recommended when needle felting with children. The needles are very sharp! If only wet felting this is a great activity for the littlest hands.

Kit contains: preformed heart, WizPik felting needle, corriedale roving in assorted LOVE-ly colours and photo-illustrated instructions.

Each kit created and assembled in Nelson, BC, Canada

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