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Homeschooling Supplies KINDY Bundle

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Here’s a great place to start your homeschooling journey with your children.

The Homeschooling Supplies Kindy Bundle has your kindergartener in mind.

Explore the primary colours with paint and block crayons, practice holding a big pencil, fold some kite paper and listen to a story while playing with modelling wax - just warm it up under your arm first!

These carefully chosen, Waldorf-inspired, arts and craft supplies have been essential in Waldorf kindergartens and early grades for decades. And rightly so.

Each of these items are created with care, quality and sustainability in mind. Non-toxic, natural ingredients that children are drawn to. Let the play begin!

The child’s natural development is always considered and so these supplies will create all kinds of opportunities for discovery, creativity anc play. A learning bonanza!

Included in the Homeschooling Supplies No.1 Bundle is:

  • 3 x 20 ml Stockmar watercolour paint in carmine, ultramarine and lemon yellow.
  • 3 x Stockmar modeling beeswax individual bars in carmine, ultramarine and lemon yellow.
  • 1 x 16cm x 16cm kite paper
  • 3 x Lyra Super Ferby triangular graphite pencils.
  • 2 x Kooh-I-Noor natural rubber erasers.

Made in Germany, Holland & Turkey

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