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Wooden Peg Dolls, Shapes & Beads

Fun to play with just as they are, the Wooden Figures, Shapes & Beads are also a handy dandy craft supply.

  • Beads become caterpillars, with the help of pipe cleaner.
  • Cubes become dice with just a few dots of paint.
  • Trees become a forest of fun for fairies and gnomes.
  • Figures become families, friends or chess pieces.
  • Beads are also just beads. Natural jewelry! 
Wooden Peg Dolls, Shapes & Beads
23 results
FAMILY of Wooden Peg Dolls
Wooden TREES
Wooden TREES
From $3.99
LARGE Wooden Eggs
SMALL Wooden Eggs 12
SNOW Wooden Peg Dolls
JUMBO Wooden Peg Dolls
GIANT Wooden Peg Dolls
CURVY Wooden Peg Dolls
BIG Wooden Peg Dolls
LONG DRESS Wooden Peg Dolls
SMALL Wooden Peg Doll
SHORT DRESS Wooden Peg Doll
BABY BEE Wooden Peg Doll
WEE ONE Wooden Peg Doll
Wooden round beads
Wooden BEADS
Wooden BALLS
Wooden BALLS
Wooden RINGS
Wooden RINGS
From $3.99
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