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Maplerose Wooden LOOSE PARTS Bundles


Maplerose Wooden Loose Parts Bundles are a collection of wooden bits and bobs to play and make with in whatever way you like.  Just add creativity and imagination for hours of fun.

Made of non-toxic, sustainable wood the parts in the bundles are full of possibility.

Each part is a simple, natural wooden toy that can be played with as is or get crafting! Paint them, glue on some feathers, sew a little outfit, make a mobile, create a game, hide them, sort them, draw numbers on them and do math.

Perfect for open-ended play, storytelling, crafting, creating and learning. Each curated batch contains some combination of peg dolls, nins, cut-outs, spools, eggs, balls, beads and more!

Stash this is your bag to pull out when needed - A bundle like this make a road trip fun, makes waiting at the restaurant all brand new and is the perfect little surprise gift just because.

Our wool roving and wool felt are perfect for all your wooden people's hair and wardrobe needs.

Bundles available in small, medium and large. Bundles may not be exaclty as they are in the photographs here but will contain some combination of similar parts.

All bundles come in a 100% cotton "bundle bag"- keep your loose parts tidy :)

Assembled in Nelson, BC

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