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Wooden Peg Dolls, Shapes & Animals

Wooden peg dolls, shapes and animals are a collection of wooden toys for crafting and open-ended playing.

During playtime, our children participate in games and activities that prioritize fun. By using toys, like the wooden peg dolls, shapes and animals, children pen-ended play prioritizes fun and creativity.

The perfect opportunity for engaging your child’s imagination and enhancing their social and emotional intelligence, open-ended play presents a world of benefits for your child’s learning and intellectual growth.

As a craft material, these wooden dolls, shapes and animals can be painted, glued upon and turned into just about anything with the addition of paint, wool roving, curly locks or custom sewn outfits.


Wooden Peg Dolls, Shapes & Animals
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LONG DRESS Wooden Peg Dolls
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JUMBO Wooden Peg Dolls
FAMILY of Wooden Peg Dolls
Wooden round beads
Wooden BEADS
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