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The Chalkboard Bundle For Drawing With Chalk comes in two sizes now.

The SMALL set includes:

  • 1 small wooden chalkboard (30cm x 40cm) - coated with high-qulaity black school board laquer. It's easily erased while maintaining it's blackness. Made of sturdy hardwood from sustainably-managed forests with round corners. Beautiful!
  • 1 felt chalkboard eraser - felt handle and felt block that absorbs chalk dust in one fell swoop. Easy to clean!
  • 1 box Mercurius blackboard chalk 12 colours - beautiful, rich and vibrant colours with a creamier consistency that allows colour to transfer to the board with ease and grace.

The LARGE set includes:

  • 1 large wooden chalkboard (40cm x 55cm)
  • 1 felt chalkboard eraser
  • 1 box Mercurius blackboard chalk in 16 colours.

Together you have everything you need to start drawing beautiful, seasonally- inspired drawings, teach lessons, practice printing, math and more.

Made in Germany

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