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Dipam Beeswax BIRTHDAY RING (TREE) CANDLES Set of 20


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Dipam beeswax TREE candles are produced in a circular manner without residual waste, and have a wick of eco cotton without borax. And the packaging: recycled cardboard. 

These candles work great with Swedish Angel Chimes, Grimm's birthday rings and as TREE candles that fit in clips on your Christmas tree.

Dipam Candles are made in a little factory in the Dutch town of Driebergen. They love to create something beautiful out of nature’s gifts. That is what the world of Dipam is all about: nature, people and candles made of pure sunlight. Selected raw beeswax is filtered at Dipam and, without additives, carefully made into a wide range of candles. Sustainability and environmental stewardship are cornerstones to their organization. 100% Beeswax

Approx. 10.5 cm length.

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