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Maplerose Wool + Silk Fibre Pack SUMMER

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The Maplerose Summer Wool + Silk Fibre Pack is a carefully curated collection of my favourite fibres to boost your inspiration, spark your creativity and build your stash.

These fibre packs can be used by weavers, felters, knitters and crafters.

The special hand spun and hand dyed wool we have chosen for these packs will never be replicated quite like this again - that’s what makes it so magical.

After they're gone they're gone. Poof!

Each bundle includes:

    • Handspun and natural-dyed yarn from Jen at Roses n Purls, Thunder Bay, ON where she spins (often Canadian) wool and hand dyes it often with plants found in her own backyard like rhubarb, rhubarb root, and willow.
    • Silk ribbons, naturally-dyed with foraged and bought natural dyes from Jen at Roses n Purls.
    • Bulky 1-ply yarn from Custom Woolen Mills, a family-run business in Central BC that has been milling fibres in Western Canada for decades.
    • Corriedale, merino, silk/merino roving  and yarn from New Zealand are for adding bursts of colour and serious texture.
    • Natural yarn from Soedan of Holland. Soft and lush.
    • All fibres are labelled with type, producers and colour, for your wool-loving pleasure

    All those beautiful seasonally inspired colours and textures set you up to begin creating on your Beginner Weaving Loom or Round Weaving Loom TODAY!

    Each collection of fibres found in these bundles are a one-of-a-kind selection. There are 10 - 20m of each yarn (but maybe 50m in some cases), 20g of each roving and 2 silk ribbons in each.

    Are you a spinner, shepherdess, dyer or some combo with fibres to sell? Let me know at

    Custom bundles can be created. Get in touch.

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