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Reversible Organic Baby BONNETS Size 3-9 months by jennchic designs

$29.99 $39.99

Yes, I make these reversible organic baby bonnets. I love bonnets.

It all started when Walt was a baby and I needed some sensible head wear for him - keep the sun, wind, cold off of his sweet face while being tied tightly on while still being comfortable and made of eco-friendly and/or organic fabric.

That was tough to find. So I started making my own. And shucks, wasn’t it satisfying. And who knew boys could be soooo cute in little bonnets with bears and camping gear on it. 

I worked my way through a very beautiful stash of fabric, then got more. A friend of mine, Janine, publishes a beautiful magazine for the creative and curious called Uppercase. You need to check it out! And then she fell into designing fabric and I was lucky enough to sew some items for her catalogue! And got some fabric to work with and, of course, I made bonnets. Now Charlotte would be basking in bonnets.

The sizing is based loosely on traditional sizing but more on the size of my hooligans heads. At 4 ½ Charlotte is wearing the size Big Kid (3 and up).

Made in Nelson, BC, Canada.

Organic cotton and/or organic hemp/cotton blend and or 100% cotton

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Up to 2 bonnets can be sent ontheir own within Canada with the $6 Flat Rate For Flat Things shipping option. Woot!

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