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Rolf Sand SIEVE

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The Rolf sand sieve is a truly sturdy sand toy.
Whether at the beach or in the sand box, this sieve will separate all the pebbles and rocks from the sand with the greatest of ease. It also makes an excellent pie plate for sand pies.
Some say it's indesctuctible! Leave it out in the sandbox with no ill effects. Expertly contructed to withstand extreme temperatures in winter and summer. But don't leave it in the driveway as our toy testers do not yet know what the weight of an automobile may do.
Each of the pieces are formed in one piece to ensure durability and maximise the lifespan of the spades, rakes, buckets and sieves. Each of the pieces come in a solid design yet are lightweight and comfortable for the children to handle.
Diameter of 25 cm (10 inch)
Made in the Netherlands
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