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Candle WICK & TABS


Pre-wicked candle tabs for making handmade candles. A fun DIY project for children and adults and a thrifty way to fill your home with warm and beautiful candlelight.

Simply place the wick tab in the container of your choice and pour in melted wax.

Note: Beeswax tabs will not work with soy tabs and soy tabs will not work with beeswax.

Two sizes 1" for tealights, 2.5" for short votives and 6" for taller votives.

12 wicks per set

Made in Canada

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Do you need just 4 sets of wick & tabs and nothing else? Choose "POSTAGE INCLUDED for 4 wick & tab sets " and we'll send you just that via lettermail for a flat rate of $6 which is included in this price. "Free shipping" will be granted automatically at check out. Woot!

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