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The STAR Bundle By Lila Strand


The STAR bundle is a collection of 2 books by BC author Lila Strand, and Twinkle, a sweet and cuddly handmade Star child.

The Star Children is a beautiful story about our childrens’ deep connection to nature.

Little Star:The Hidden Seed is about a little lost star child’s journey to find where he belongs. Ultimately he finds him self – his strength goodness an inner light.

Lila Strand has written and illustrated a beautiful and gentle story. Full of whimsy and magic, The Star Children easily captivates t’s audience. Strand has worked with children for years in a Waldorf setting and her story telling expertise is evident.

Twinkle is made of 100% wool felt, stuffed with Canadian wool batting and expertly sewn by hand to create a sweet and cuddly 13-15cm toy.

We love supporting local artists. We hope you do, too. We ensure our prices offer a fair price to you and to our artisits. A lot of work goes in to designing and producing the one-of-a-kind toys and works of art. They are something you and the children that recieve them will cherish and keep for a very long time.

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