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Waldorf Doll Etta


Etta is definitely a special doll. She is expertly made, beautifully dressed and destined to be life long friend.

Etta loves to have tea parties, dance parties and birthday parties. She loves to celebrate, smile, sing and is an expert at dancing around the may pole. She's big enough now to know how to finger knit and her favourite fairy tale is Rapunzel. Her best friend is Mort the Toadstool Baby.

  • Etta comes with a very special wardrobe: hemp and wool hand-knit booties, upcycled leopard print leggings with elastic trim, a gathered polka dot top with yolk, white trim belt/hairband, hand knit capelet of pure wool, hand knit hat of hand-spun, hand-dyed wool with ties and a velvet rose.
  • Her face is made of organic doll skin, imported from the Netherlands.
  • She is lined with an extra layer of thinner doll skin fabric to give her skin an extra-smooth look and ensure longevity. The extra layer of skin also allows for extra firm stuffing.
  • Etta's entire head is very firmly needle felted to retain it's shape. Sometimes the typical stuffing of a Waldorf doll can change over time, under the pressure of intense snuggles or being slept upon. Etta's will not as her face is similar in density as a tennis ball.
  • Her hair is a mix of different yarns made of pure wool. Most of the yarn is dark but there are a few strands of purple.
  • Etta is weighted with quartz sand which is contained within a sack in her body.
  • She is 47 cm/18.5" tall.

Wouldn't you love to give her a snuggle?

Handmade in Nelson, BC

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