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Once you try 100% wool felt you will understand the difference.

The colours are vibrant, the texture is soft yet sturdy. It is a pleasure to sew with. Or glue. Or cut. It really is amazeballs.

100% wool felt is safe for babies and children with Oeko-tex 100, meaning it's certified to be free of harmful substances, including lead.

100% wool felt sheets are excellent for all kinds of craft projects. Make wonderful ornaments for Christmas, Easter or Valentines Day. Birthday crowns come out perfect - stiff enough to be regal and pointy, soft enough to wear all day. Sew flowers for brooches, necklaces, hairbands, or greeting cards.

Need more ideas? We got 'em. Just ask.

100% wool felt sheets are:

  • 30cm x 20cm
  • 1mm thick
  • colour safe
  • naturally non-flammable
  • dirt repellant
  • eco-friendly

All colours begin with white felt to ensure consistency and vibrancy.

Made of new Merino wool from South America and processed in Holland.

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Do you need just 6 sheets of felt (or less) and nothing else? I can send you just that via lettermail for a flat rate of $8. Perfect for no rush, but no insurance and no tracking.
Please resister in the shop (so I have your name and address) and then send an email to to ask for an invoice.

Customer Reviews

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I got a selection of heathered felt and love the depths of colours and flecks in each piece.

I want it all

This heathered felt is glorious. Love the subtle flecks that make it all gorgeous and dreamy.
It’s ok to want to hoard all the colours right? Right? Right? (Just say I’m right because I am)

Perfect hues

These heathered coloured wool sheets are my absolute favourite. Blue azure makes the perfect ocean shark or scene, and moss green is an inspiring base for any forest play scene creation!

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