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About Us

Maplerose is family-run, in-person and online business located in Nelson, BC, Canada. Our new storefront is now open at 669 Baker Street.

Originally opened in 2008 as a brick and mortar storefront, Maplerose has long been here to support those interested in Waldorf education and the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

Now Maplerose is entirely online and run by me, Jenn, the 4th owner to continue the wool, wood and beeswax fun that is Maplerose.

From first hand experience as a mother, I have found great enjoyment watching my kids engage in open-ended play. I know that providing them with the right environment and 'tools' is something can catapult their creativity and learning.

We are an unschooling family and embrace the learning and creativity that bubbles up spontaneously or is fostered through our curiousity. We love to spend time outside and inside.

We value play, creativity and curiosity and those values are always kept in mind when we choose what to provide at Maplerose

You can trust in the products and workshops you find here at Maplerose. I look for sustainably-made, ethically-produced, eco-friendly, organic, and, if I'm lucky, locally-made.

I love when things are made to last. I love when things are made close by. It's all a balance and I hope you like what you find here.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.



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