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100% Wool Felt

100% wool felt sheets have the most luxurious feel. Once you try them you may not be able to use any other kind of felt.

20cm x 30cm

The colours are vibrant and many.

Made in EU. 

100% Wool Felt
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100% WOOL Felt Sheets, 20cm x 30cm
100% WOOL Felt Sheets, Dyed HEATHERED Colours
100% WOOL Felt Sheets, HEATHERED Colours
Maplerose 100% Wool Felt SEASONAL Sets
100% Wool Felt MINI Bundle
100% Wool Felt MINI Bundle 2 Sets POSTAGE INCLUDED
Maplerose 100% Wool Felt AUTUMN LEAVES Sewing Kit
Maplerose 100% Wool Felt MONOCHROMATIC Sets
Maplerose 100% Wool Felt INSPIRATION Sets
Maplerose SUMMER Gnome Kit
Maplerose ADVENT SPIRAL Craft Kit
Maplerose 100% Wool Felt CHRISTMAS Sets
Maplerose WINTER Gnome Kit
Maplerose SPRING Gnome Kit
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