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100% wool felt

100% wool felt sheets have the most luxurious feel. Once you try them you may not be able to use any other kind of felt. But that's ok. We have lots here for you!

The colours are vibrant and many. Set of 6 full sheets or half sheets. 5mm thickness now available.

Made in EU. 

100% wool felt
15 results
100% WOOL Felt Sheets, 20cm x 30cm
100% WOOL Felt Sheets, HEATHERED
100% Wool Felt MINI Bundle
100% Wool Felt HALF Sheets
Maplerose 100% Wool Felt AUTUMN LEAVES Sewing Kit
100% Wool Felt Deluxe SUMMER Sets
100% Wool Felt Sheets, 5mm
100% Wool Felt Deluxe WINTER Sets
100% Wool Felt SUMMER Half Sets
100% Wool Felt Deluxe SPRING Sets
Maplerose Wool Felt WOVEN HEART Kit
100% Wool Felt Sheets, 3mm
100% Wool Felt ULTIMATE Sets
100% Wool Felt Deluxe AUTUMN Sets
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