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Natural Toys

Our natural toys collections feature toys that encourage open-ended play. What’s that, you ask?

Open-ended play is play that is full of imagination and creation. The toys do not dictate what can and will be done. Rather the children decide what to make and create - the silk becomes a river, the peg dolls are super heroes, the mushrooms are eaten for lunch or hide fairies in the garden.

We love natural materials like silk, wood and beeswax. We try to keep plastic to a minimum but if we do feature a plastic toy, it’s because it’s high-quality, long lasting and made by a company that cares. 

We love local artisans and love to bring Kootenay-made, BC-made and Canadian-made toys from artisans who make with their own two hands. The quality, care and attention and a fair price for the maker make these toys something to treasure. They were made with love and I’m sure you will love them, too. They are worth every penny.

Are you a maker? Would you like to try and sell your creations at Maplerose? Please contact me,, and we can chat about that - especially if you make wooden toys!


Natural Toys
63 results
Sidewalk CHALK
Magical Wooden TOADSTOOLS
SKIPPING Rope with Wooden Handles
Wooden QUAIL Eggs
Wooden PULLET Eggs
YETI Babies
YETI Babies
Little Wooden BOWLS
Wooden Pumpkin Box
Maplerose Wool Dryer BALLS * NOW Singles
Save The Day Superhero MASKS
Wooden HEN Eggs
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Sold Out
Only 1 left!
Rolf Beach BUCKET
GAMES & ACTIVITIES Fan Booklet of Learning & Fun
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Rolf Sand SIEVE
Filges Vibrant PLAY SILKS
Filges Seasonal WOOL CLOTH for Nature Tables
Wooden RINGS
Wooden RINGS
From $4.99
Sarah’s Silks ENCHANTED Playsilks
Miniature Wooden PAIL with Handle
Debresk Wooden Toy DELIVERY VAN
Filges Plant-dyed GIANT Play Silks
SKIPPING Rope with Wooden Handles - 6 meters
Filges WOOLEN PUPPETS Fairy Tale Wool Mobile Kit
Only 1 left!
Debresk Wooden Toy DOLL CHAIRS
Debresk Wooden Toy DOLL TABLE
Debresk Wooden Toy CONVERTIBLE CAR
Handmade Wooden PLAY CLIPS Set of 2
Wooden Peg Dolls SUPER GIANT
Metamorphosis BUTTERFLY WINGS with Chrysalis
Only 1 left!
63 results
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