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KINDERGARTEN Watercolour Paintbrush


The Kindergarten watercolour paintbrush is just the right size for small hands or big hands. Common in Waldorf schools and pre-schools, the kindergarten brush can spread a lot of paint with one fell swoop, especially when wet-on-wet painting.

The handle is made of wood, just the right lenght for children, while the bristles are made of natural cow hair with a closed, rust-proof ferule.

It's been proven many times at our house that this brush can sit in a jar of water for a very long time without any damage. Sigh.

If you're looking to start your wet-on-wet painting journey get everything you need in a BUNDLE that includes everything you need - painting board, paper, brush, paints, jars holder and instructional DVD.

Length 22cm, width 18mm

Made in Germany

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