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Waldorf SMALL Drawing Journal 16cm x 24cm


The Waldorf Small Journal with onion skin is a great book for homeschooling and Waldorf-inspired students of all ages to study, explore and create in. These books last and look lovely on a shelf.

Each book has 32-plank pages, with a sheet of onion skin inbetween ever two, of high quality, chlorine-free 120g paper with a vibrants 280g sturdy cover.

Onion skin is great for keeping smduges and smeers from painting from spreading to other pages. It can be drawn upon itself or used for tracing. The onione skin really is very handy!

Ideal for children to practice all kinds of drawing, painting and writing. High quality papers ensures all manner of utensils from charcoal to markers to India ink will make their mark without soaking through or ripping the paper. Perfect for homeschooling, Waldorfians and everyone else, too!

Adults love the books for journalling, course work, drawing, lists, recipes, drawing and scrapbooks. Great for creating a series.

At only 16cm x 21 cm it easily fits in a backpack, bag or purse!

Made in the EU

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The perfect size

We use these as our nature journals and they’re the perfect size. Small enough to carry around with us, large enough to fit lots of drawings and leaf rubbings on each page. The paper is sturdy and holds up well to nature items being glued right into the book. Absolutely perfect.

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