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Wooden PHOTO & POSTCARD Holder


The small wooden postcard holder holds 1 - 4x6 photograph or postcard.

The large wooden postcard holder holds up to four postcards but that isn't where the possibilities end!

The curved postcard holder is used in Waldorf classrooms, homeschooling areas, daycares or at home in a variety of ways:

  • Decorate a nature table with seasonal Marjan van Zeyl postcards, photographs or drawings that celebrate the season.
  • Show off children's art, art prints, unique stationary or memorabilia. So easy to swap out daily when the drawings and paintings just won't stop. Bring on the art!
  • Display photographs. To give you an idea here are some options that are approximate, not exact: 3 small 4x6's, 3 horizontal or 4 vertical 5x7's (with some over hang) or two vertical or 1 horizontal 8x10.
  • Play cards and use it to assist young children or those who are physically challenged with holding playing cards. Go fish for everyone!
  • Display special greeting cards.
  • Make a Welcome sign for at the front door, a Happy Birthday sign for by the cake, or post surprise love notes for someone special.
Beech wood

50 x 3 x 1.5 cm

Made in the EU.

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