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These WOODEN PAINTING BOARDS are versatile and beautiful, heavy and well-made.

If you love to do wet-on-wet painting these really make the experience just a little more special.

We have found them to be a very versatile piece in our homeschooling supplies.

Besides painting on, we use our wooden painting boards as a table in bed, on the couch, in the car or out in the yard. We do colouring, writing, play dough and even have a snack on them.

It is the kind of thing that'll become a part of the household for a long time in all kinds of ways and that you love to have around - a good thing, because it's made to last.

PLEASE NOTE: The wooden painting boards need to be SPECIAL ORDERED and will take 1 week to arrive at Maplerose HQ. Good things (and painting boards) come to those who wait ;)

These wooden painting boards are waterproof with lacquered plywood and have rounded corners.

Waterproof glued and lacquered plywood, rounded corners

30cm x 40cm, 40cm x 55cm

Made in Germany

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