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Let's get this party started!

Let's get this party started!

I'm so happy to finally get going on Maplerose News, my brand new blog.

I love to write and this gives me the perfect opportunity to be doing something I love on a regular basis. It's good for the soul and models some behavior for the hooligans that I think is really valuable.

And if you're new to Maplerose and haven't yet begun to receive my newsletter here's another spot for you to read about life here in Nelson, BC with my husband, Mr. Maplerose and our two hooligans, Walt, 7 and Charlotte, 4 3/4.

Besides running Maplerose on my own, we are unschooling the kiddos. We take a lot of inspiration from Steiner and the Waldorf education world but also are just really excited about watching things unfold for our two. They are voracious readers, love to bake and cook, like creating, and gardening and swinging and spinning and are often found fighting over the hammock.

Life is full. We love the pace of life here in the Kootenays and there's no where else where we would like to raise our children but this beautiful, remote, mountain city. So many beaches, forests, mountains, lakes and rivers to explore. We try to get out for an adventure every day but also value "jammie days" at home. Don't you?

Anyhoo, I've abandoned my social media outlets for the meantime and plan to pour my desire to create and connect into this new-old media. Please connect if you feel inspired. It's all so much easier when you know someone is by your side.

Blogs. So old school, but I do believe they're going to be making a comeback.

I'll see you here more often as I figure this into our unschooling, camping, gardening, Maplerose-ing lifestyle.

Jenn Chic


Jenn Chic

Hi Jenn, just found your store and blog! Love it all. Raising my 4 year old Waldorf inspired and use many of the products you sell. Love kite paper window stars, for example :)

I am also planning in homeschooling, so its great to get inspiration from others committed to this path. I think blogs are intimate and more thoughtful . Greetings from NS!

Jenn Chic

I enjoy reading the emailed newsletter and will definitely want to read this blog. Please subscribe me!
P.S. I continue to use the felt pincushion you made for our swop!

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