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maplerose bundles + sets

At Maplerose we want to make starting a new craft project easy, inspiring and fun. That’s why we created Bundles & Sets!

You can find everything you need at once to start or continue a creative pursuit in a neat little bundle. And when you buy your supplies in a bundle, as a token of our inspiration and motivation to start something new, save up to $15 off!

Get inspired! Share the creative bug! Buy a bundle for yourself or give one as a gift. 

Assembled in Nelson, BC.

maplerose kindergarten homeschooling bundle
52 results
Daily Wonder BASIC Grades 1 & 2 Bundle
Daily Wonder BASIC Grade 3 Bundle
Daily Wonder BASIC Grades 4 - 7 Bundle
Maplerose KINDY Homeschooling Supply Bundle
Maplerose EARLY GRADES Homeschooling Supply Bundle
Maplerose BASIC Wet-On-Wet Watercolour Set
Maplerose DELUXE Wet-On-Wet Watercolour Set
Lyra Colour Giant WINTER Pencil Crayon Set of 6
Lyra Colour Giants AUTUMN Pencil Crayon Sets
Lyra Colour Giants LUMINOUS Pencil Crayon Set
Lyra Colour Giants SPRING Pencil Crayon Set of 6
Lyra Colour Giants SUMMER Pencil Crayon Set
100% Wool Felt MINI Bundle
100% Wool Felt AUTUMN Sets + Half Sets
100% Wool Felt CHRISTMAS Sets
100% Wool Felt Deluxe AUTUMN Sets
100% Wool Felt Deluxe SUMMER Sets
100% Wool Felt SEASONAL CELEBRATION Sets + Half Sets
100% Wool Felt SPRING Sets + Half Sets
100% Wool Felt SUMMER Sets + Half Sets
100% Wool Felt WINTER Sets + Half Sets
Maplerose Deluxe SEW-A-WALDORF-DOLL Bundles *custom kits NOW AVAILABLE
Maplerose DELUXE Needle Felting Supply Bundle
Maplerose FOLDING WITH KITE PAPER Project Bundle
Maplerose GET CRAFTY Super Bundle
Maplerose I LOVE FIBRES Variety Pack, 3 sizes
Maplerose Small ROUND LOOM Weaving Kit
Maplerose SPRING Fibre Packs
Maplerose SPRING Round Weaving Loom Kits
Maplerose STARTER Needle Felting Bundle
Maplerose SUMMER Fibre Packs
Maplerose SUMMER Round Weaving Loom Kits
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