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So many fun and beautiful ways to celebrate springtime.

Try Pysanky, the traditional Ukrainian art of drawing on eggs with beeswax and dipping in dye to create the most magical designs. Wet felt eggs to create wonderful little hidey holes for candy on Easter egg hunts and use them over every year. Create bunnies and chicks and transparancies of daffodils. Candle rolling is great anytime of the year

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Maplerose The Easiest EASTER EGG DYEING Kit In The World
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of ANIMALS
Kistka or Wax Stylus for Easter Egg Decorating
Ukrainian Easter Egg DYES
Maplerose Corriedale SEASONAL SETS
Maplerose Merino Wool Roving SEASONAL Sets
Maplerose 100% Wool Felt SEASONAL Sets
Black Honeycomb BEESWAX for Ukrainian Easter Eggs
Let's Get Started BASIC Pysanky Kit
Maplerose HEART Felting Kit
Maplerose BUNNY BUNNKINS Needle Felting Kit
Maplerose EASTER EGG Felting Kit
Maplerose SPRING CHICKS Needle Felting Kit
Wooden EGGS, Pullet
Wooden EGGS, Quail
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of CHILDREN'S GAMES & PARTIES
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of GNOMES, DWARVES & FAIRIES
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of SPRING & EASTER CELEBRATIONS
Dipam Beeswax EGG Candles
CRAFTS THROUGH THE YEAR by Thomas & Petra Berger
TRANSPARENT WINDOW SCENES THROUGH THE YEAR by Michaela Kronshage and Sylvia Schwartz
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Filges Plant-dyed SEASONAL Playsilks
Maplerose HEART Folding Kit
Kistky INTRO Set
Pysanky 6-Colour EGG DYE Set
I Love Egging DELUXE Pysanky Kit
Pysanky MINI Kit
Pysanky Eggshell CLEANING Kit
Wooden EGG, Goose
Maplerose Small ROUND LOOM Weaving Kit
SPRING By Gerda Muller
Ashford Corriedale Sliver Wool Roving LIGHTS
Maplerose Corriedale Wool Roving LIGHTS Set
Ukrainian Brass-tipped Kistka Set
Maplerose SURPRISE EGG + CHICK Felting Kit
56 results
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