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I've been momming for 9 years now and I know how hard it can be - especially without that magic "village" that everyone talks about.

Well, the village ain't coming, but I did find something that has helped me immensely on my mothering journey - MotherCircle.

I found the classes so empowering, so tranformative that I chose to become a facillitator.

Kimberly Ann Johnson and Jess Connolly ( have created a program where we can continue to learn together. Where we can gain clarity and chose a direction for our path - one that acknowledges how far we've come, where we want to go and what kind of legacy we want to leave..

Through the arc of 8 thoughtfully created classes, we will journey together.

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MotherCircle IN PERSON *Starting Sunday, May 26th 11 AM
MotherCircle ONLINE *Starting Thursday, May 23rd 5:30PM PST
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