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Filges Organic 100% Wool Thick Knitting Yarn Set BRIGHTS


The Filges Organic 100% wool thick knitting yarn set in BRIGHT COLOURS is made from 100% organic plant-dyed wool.

These nice thick threads of plant dyed sheep wool are ideal for weaving or finger knitting (finger crocheting) with young children.

With big needles, a scarf wouldn't take long to knit with this thick yarn.

This is soft but durable yarn and used by many Waldorf schools and Waldorf-inspired homeschoolers.

Want to learn to finger knit? Check out the Learn To Teach Finger Knitting Mini Course from Daily Wonder.

100 g wool, 4 colours 25g each

Made by Filges in Germany

This family business based in Germany, Filges was founded over 25 years ago. They share our vision with respect to environmental, quality and safety issues. Filges and Mercurius both believe in loyalty while working toward mutual collaboration to produce and supply the finest quality product.

Filges specializes in the manufacture of organic wool and silk dyed with vegetable dyes. They still use traditional, artisanal processes. The wool is very durable without the use of chemicals. The team is just five enthusiastic employees and we are proud to have them as preferred supplies.

The wool used is pure new wool which complies 100% with the strict guidelines of Bioland.

Bioland is a German agricultural association founded in 1971. They are a part of the Association of Organic Food and these farms are based on circular economy and work with nitrogen fertilizers not of synthetic origin. Animals are kept in a very humane way. The Bioland guidelines are more stringent than the already strict environmental and animal-friendly EU Organic Regulations.

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