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Gifts + Treats

Need to get something for someone special?

Here is a collection of some of our favourite gifts that are made of wood, wool or wax. Beeswax, that is. Okay, and silk, too.

We know you'll love these gift ideas, whether for a birthday or Christmas or just for you. They are:

- Made of natural materials

- Encourage new skills

- Super fun to play with

- Sustainably-made

- Beautiful

- Or some combination of the above.

Perfect for all ages.

Gifts + Treats
52 results
Debresk Wooden Toy CONVERTIBLE CAR
Debresk Wooden Toy DOLL BED
Debresk Wooden Toy TOW TRUCK &MINI CAR
Sold Out
Filges Plant-dyed GIANT Play Silks
Filges SEASONAL Play Silk Sets
Filges Seasonal WOOL CLOTH for Nature Tables
Filges Vibrant PLAY SILKS
Handmade BUTTERFLY FAIRY Pocket Dolls
Handmade DANCING FAIRY Pocket Dolls
Handmade HEART FAIRY Pocket Doll
Only 1 left!
Handmade SUNFLOWER FAIRY Pocket Dolls
Handmade Waldorf DAYS OF THE WEEK Pocket Calender
Sold Out
Handmade Wooden Colourful POSTCARD HOLDERS
Handmade Wooden PHOTO & POSTCARD Holder with Beeswax Tealight
Handmade Wooden PLAY CLIPS Set of 2
Just Like The Paperbag Princess' CROWNS
Love Maplerose GIFT CARD
Magical Magic WANDS
Only 1 left!
Magical Wooden TOADSTOOLS
Sold Out
Maplerose Hand-rolled Beeswax SUSHI Candles
Only 1 left!
Maplerose Wool Dryer BALLS * NOW Singles
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of ANIMALS
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of CHILDREN'S GAMES & PARTIES
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of CHRISTMAS & WINTER
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of GNOMES, DWARVES & FAIRIES
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of SPRING & EASTER CELEBRATIONS
Marjan van Zeyl Postcards of SUMMER CELEBRATIONS
Metamorphosis BUTTERFLY WINGS with Chrysalis
Only 1 left!
Miniature Wooden PAIL with Handle
Organic Wheat Kernel BEAN BAG Set
Regal Chess Set CROWNS
Save The Day Superhero MASKS
SKIPPING Rope with Wooden Handles
SKIPPING Rope with Wooden Handles - 6 meters
Sparkle Lovers Pretend Set
Stockmar STICK Beeswax Crayons in Wooden Box
52 results
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