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Learn to make beautiful window stars with the Magical Window Stars Kit. 

Each kit includes:

  • Magical Window Stars by Frederique Gueret
  • 1 pad of kite paper, 11 colours, 16 cm x 16 cm, 100 sheets
  • 1 pad of large Japanese silk paper (tissue paper), 20 colours, 22cm x 22cm, 240 sheets
  • 1 bottle Ukkie's glue, 100ml

Within the book you will find photo-illustrated, step-by-step instructions for making 25 different window stars. Start with the basics and then, with a little more time, patience and precision, make stunning, mind-boggling stars.

Kite paper is a wax-coated paper, made in Holland, that was originally created to make kites. Because of it’s texture and translucent nature it lends itself especially well to folding window stars. Crisp, clean folds are easy to achieve and the colours are even more vibrant when displayed in a window.

Japanese silk paper is a super deluxe tissue paper - colours are brighter, paper is stronger, made of FSC approved material. The variety of colours (20!) is inspiring.

Ukkie's glues is a non-toxic, scent-free glue made especailly for children, but it works great for grown-ups, too.

Window stars are a beautiful decoration used to celebrate the season in most Waldorf and Waldorf-inspired learning communities. Whether you’re a Waldorfians or not, they’re just beautiful and fun to make. We have trouble taking them out of our windows.

Suitable for beginners to advanced.

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