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Magical Wooden TOADSTOOLS


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These beautifully finished wooden toadstools are produced in the Black Forest in Germany from local sustainable forests. I love that!
Each toadstool has an edge of tree bark and each one is completely one of a kind. Just like a real mushroom! Toadstools do not exactly like those in the pictures here. Some have flatter caps. Some stems are rounder.
For a nature table they are almost indispensable. Decorate for any season with a sweet wooden toadstool.
The toadstools have been sanded and then oiled. We recommend treating them with linseed oil every year.
They really are quiet magical.
All sizes are approximate:
  • BABY toadstool is 4 cm
  • SMALL toadstool is 5 cm
  • MEDIUM toadstool is 8 cm
  • BIG toadstool is 10 cm
Made in Germany

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