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Maplerose The Easiest EASTER EGG DYEING Kit In The World


The Easiest Easter Egg Dyeing Kit In The World can have your Easter baskets filled with colourful eggs within minutes.

No joke. And there will be no splatters on the ceiling to clean up either.

Each kit contains 20 sheets in a beautiful assortment of colours of Japanese silk paper (tissue paper). You will have more than enough paper to dye at least one dozen eggs. Probably more.

Simply wet an egg (blow it out, hard boil it or keep it au natural), rip up the paper and place it on the wet egg. Dab the paper a little more wet. The longer you leave the paper on the egg the brighter the colours will be. Remove the paper. Done.

This kit also works very well on our wooden eggs, mini and large.

Beautiful Easter eggs will be yours!

Customer Reviews

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Anje Merkies
Super easy & great for younger kids!

Both my 2 year old and 10 year old really enjoyed this kit. It really is the easiest in the world, and there was no shortage of paper - we definitely have enough to do more eggs next year (we did about 8 eggs this year).
While it was definitely easier than using liquid dyes, I will say that the color bleeds immediately with even the smallest drop of water. So definitely protect your surfaces, wear clothes that can get dirty, and be prepared for stained hands. Also be wary of adding TOO much water - I had an overzealous toddler who nearly washed away all the color on her eggs.

No fuss egg dying

So exciting to have access to this highly pigmented tissues for creating unique and stunning Easter eggs. I love the simplicity and minimal clean up with such lovely results.

True to its name!

Easiest egg dyeing, and perfect for my toddler—no messy liquid dyes to spill and pour. Just wet the paper and place on the egg. I found that using a few layers of tissue made for brighter colour. I then left the tissue on while I covered the remaining eggs in tissue. The longer the tissue was on, the more vibrant the colour. This kit had plenty of paper for a dozen eggs and I have lots left for next year!

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