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Magical Wooden TOADSTOOLS

These beautifully finished magical wooden toadstools are produced in the Black Forest of Germany from local sustainable forests. I love that, don't you?

Each toadstool has an edge of tree bark and each one is completely one of a kind. Just like a real mushroom! Some have flatter caps. Some stems are rounder. Each one is unique.

For a nature table they are almost indispensable. Decorate for any season with a sweet wooden toadstool. Paint the tops to make them that much cuter.

Have you learned to mend your socks? The LARGE toadstool makes an excellent darning mushroom! Essential for darning your socks and making them brand new again.

The toadstools have been sanded and then oiled. We recommend treating them with linseed oil every year. They really are quite magical.

All sizes are approximate:
  • SMALL toadstool is 4 cm
  • MEDIUM toadstool is 5 cm
  •  LARGE toadstool is 8 cm
  • JUMBO toadstool is 10 cm
Made in Germany

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