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Kite Paper Blocks are a stack of 100 sheets of coloured wax paper that provide a wide variety of artsy craftsy applications.

Kite paper is traditionally used in Holland to make kites. Imagine that!

While this kite paper could only accommodate very tiny kites, it is very popular in Waldorf classrooms for making window stars for Christmas, advent or any old time.

And it's not just stars anymore!

There are all kinds of tutorials online to teach you how to make kite paper hearts, dragon flies, flowers, waterlilies to hang in your windows and have that translucent paper illuminated by the sun. So fun!

16cm x 16cm, 20cm x 20cm

100 sheets, 10 colours

Made in Germany

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Do you need just 2 small pads of kite paper (or less) and nothing else? I can send you just that via lettermail for a flat rate of $8. Perfect for no rush, but no insurance and no tracking.
Please resister in the shop (so I have your name and address) and then send an email to to ask for an invoice.

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