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Alkena Modelling CLAY


Alkena Modelling Clay or Plasticine is a genuine coloured clay with natural ceramic additives combined with pure beeswax to make a modelling material that has a smooth consistency, maintains its shape at room temperature and can be worked on and cut with modelling tools.

Alkena modelling clay may look a bit hard and dry but, just like the Stockmar beeswax modelling wax, if you give it a chance you will be rewarded!

Tear off a small piece and in two to three minutes from the warmth of your hand it will be silky smooth and pliable. The texture is not like modelling beeswax and it's not like clay, it's actually better than both. It is smooth not gritty like clay and you can get a nicer, smoother finish.

This is a beeswax clay (a combination of natural clay, ceramic pigments and beeswax).

It is available in three earthy tones: yellow, red and brown.

200 g (7.05 oz)

Made in Switzerland

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