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100% Cotton Square Braid WICK, 4m

100% cotton square braid wick is most commonly used in rolled, dipped and poured candles. It is 100% cotton and made specifically for beeswax candles.

Each wick bundle includes 4m of the 100% square braid wick that best fits the type of candles you want to make.

Choose the wick size for the candle diameter you want to make:

Finished candle diameter  Wick size
5mm - birthday candles 5-0
1-2 cm 2-0
2 cm 1-0
2.5 cm #1
5 cm #2
7-8 cm #3
Larger still #4

*If your candle smokes, the wick is too large. If it drips, the wick is too small.

Roll - Use square braided wick with honeycomb beeswax sheets for rolled candles.
Dip - Cut the wick to desired candle length, and dip in melted beeswax.
Pour - Cut wick to desired length and attach a candle wick tab to one end, place in appropriate container and pour your own pillars, votives or tea lights.

Square braid wick is directional. Roll the wick between your fingers to find the flat side. Find the "V" pattern and ensure it is facing towards the bottom of the candle.

4 meter bundles, 100% cotton

Made in the USA

A NOTE ON SHIPPING: Do you need just a couple bundles of wick? Contact to arrange flat rate shipping for just $7.

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