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Stockmar Replacement COLOUR CUPS for Opaque Colour Box


The Stockmar replacement colour cups are for the Stockmar Opaque Colour Box. But they can be used on their own as well without the box. They are just paint after all :)

The opaque colour box is an artistically shaped box and classic metal design that contains 12 replaceable paint pucks. Each puck can easily be taken out for cleaning up the box and quick replacements. These are those cups!

We are happy to order you specific replacements for you if you have a purple-loving painter like I do.

The Stockmar colours are delicately balanced with one another, and when mixed will yield harmonious shades of colours.

Stockmar Opaque colours are suitable for various different painting techniques; classic opaque painting (over painting), classic watercolour painting, lazure painting or techniques based on a mixture of approaches.

Now made in Taiwan*

*PLEASE NOTE: The Opaque Colour Box and replacement cups had been manufactured at Italy up until COVID but because of the devastating effects Italy has suffered, the factory where they were made won't be able to supply anything for Stockmar anymore. Luckily, a new manufacturer has been found - a family-run, reliable factory in Taiwan has agreed to take over the job. The company has had a reltationship with Stockmar for years and guarantees fair wages and safe working conditions. Stockmar is happy to be able to assist Taiwan in the rebuilding of their economy, that has been greatly effected by the global pandemic.

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